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Message in a Bottle? What?


Message in a Bottle

Whoa! Check it out dudes and dudettes, I snapped this photo just before the waves started coming in. I popped the cork, and there was this handy lil’ message inside just waiting to be read. So I read it. And I giggled to see that it was from my bud, Admiral Hawksbill. I haven’t heard from that dude in like forever. It’s good to hear he’s still roaming the seas. He didn’t say that he was coming, but it kinda sounds like he knows that a magical sandbar is going to appear soon. I’ll keep my eyes on the sky too, because there’s no way I want to miss a party! Right? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, head over to Breakwater Beach and read the lil’ message for yourself.


Cecil Sideshuffle



New Missions Are Out!


Happy Friday explorers!

New Missions are out just in time for your fabulous weekend, so check your Missions Tab on the far right of your screen and look for these:

  • The Sea Sprite’s Secret
  • Mythical Crystals Part 7: The Moon Crystal (Gold Explorer Mission)

*If you’re a Gold Explorer and have been wanting to get the rare Rainbow Emote, there are rumors going around that Moonpebble has arrived in Dizzywood. And whenever she makes an appearance, she’s known to pass around the emote to those that can find her.



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If some of you people want a little bit of extra cash on Dizzywood $$$ then you have to look on th just talk page to find out how!!!

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Im coming back to Dw!!! (nitprin)

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I know all of my fans probably dont like my site now… but im COMMING BACK!!!!

I will be posting alo more and the reason i havent been on at all is because my other computer broke, but i got a new one so in a cupple of days i will be back on 12/7  and adding on to my site!!! (mostly on Dizzywood)

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can i stop working for you?

July 19, 2009 2 comments

can i stop working fo you in ur users?

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Color War Dance

by DIZZYWOOD TEAM on JULY 10, 2009

Color War Dance

To all Color War Teams:

You made it! Give yourselves a round of applause, and plenty of high fives. You deserve it. It’s been an awesome few weeks of competitions, special events, and Color War madness, hasn’t it? And now it’s time to get down and boogie with your teammates.

Make sure to grab your Color War balloons in Farthing’s Meadow (in front of the bulletin board), to continue to show your team spirit!

Note: The winning team for this summer’s Color War will be announced on Monday July, 13th. The winning team will also walk away with the first ever DizzywoodColor War Trophy. We can’t wait to see who it is!

In other news, the Invite a Friend Contest has now ended, so check back later to hear if you’re one of the 25 winners of a FREE Ultimate Game Card!


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To Game

game seriously i saw your post and yet u wont talk to me or listen!

i apoligized and you wont talk what more pain can u ask for huh?!

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Go visit my new Page!!

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Want to see the new page i made??? Click Here!

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