Getting Started…

Here is the page for if you’re new to Dizzywood! Suggestions to make the page more helpful are welcome!

  • Ok, so I joined Dizzywood, Now what?

Well, That depends! What do YOU want to do? ) Dizzywood is a Fun, Interactive, Online storybook that lets you explore and be creative! You can Customize your character’s looks, clothes, and even get your own Room!

If you havent joined yet, go to: It’s Fun and easy to play! If you use a friend code, (you don’t need to,) The person’s friend code you use will get Credit for the Special Turtlebug, shown Below.Starting today, all of our beta testers (that’s YOU) can get a free limited-edition Dizzywood Jumpsuit by visiting Farthing’s Meadow and clicking on the special crate. It’s something you’ll be able to wear that will let everyone know you were on Dizzywood during our beta. The crate will disappear on December 31, so hurry and get it now. If you have friends who would like to be a Dizzywood beta tester too, tell them now before the special Beta Tester Jumpsuits are no longer available.


(only for beta teasers…)


Play Now

Dizzywood is a fun, exciting and free game for kids! Join today to explore mysterious worlds, make lots of new friends, play tons of cool games and even collect wonderful pets. Your adventure awaits!

DwHROnakasi02 DwHRMansion01 DwHRGardenGazebo

The Dizzywood Story…

Video PlaceholderDizzywood is a magical land located beneath our own world where adventurers explore fantastic and strange lands, talking animals pilot airships and live in floating skylands and fairy-like sprites run around fantastic gardens. Along the way, you can make friends, collect rare items and even tame wild critters as your pets. But mystery and danger lurk at every turn, and the nasty Emperor Withering and his monster henchmen constantly scheme to conquer all. Join us now for a wonderful adventure!

Let’s Go! Click Play Now to start.


Welcome to Dizzywood

Inside the Elder Vein Mines

Free cute critters in the mysterious Elder Vein Mines and keep them as loyal companions.

Dizzywood elections

Join special events and celebrations. There’s always something new happening in Dizzywood.

Explore secret places in Dizzywood

Explore mysterious new places and team up with friends to defeat the evil Emperor Withering.

Dizzywood is safe and secure.

Welcome to Dizzywood - AirshipDizzywood is a magical land where adventurers explore lost jungle temples, animals pilot airships and live in floating skylands, fairy-like sprites run around fantastic gardens, and the nasty Emperor Withering and his monster henchmen constantly scheme to conquer it all.

Thousands of years ago, Dizzywood was a world populated by gentle elemental giants, playful sprites and bogies, and lumbering monsters. More recently, animals and humans discovered a way to travel from our world to Dizzywood through magical holes in the ground.

There are all kinds of imaginative places to explore, fun Dizzywood secrets and stories to discover, and fun free kids games to play, including puzzles, arcade games, dress up games, and much more. Dizzywood is safe for kids and free to play.

Play now and start your adventure!

The Battle Of The Swamp Monsters Begins


The work to clear the road to Canal City began with an abundance of noxious plants spewing dangerous fumes and purple pollen over every Explorer attempting to pass. We knew going into this that it wasn’t going to be easy, but you’ve all proved that you’re ready to take on any adventure.

No doubt about it, you’ve all been doing a tremendous job! If you look closely, we’re actually making progress on the road. We can now see patches of the road peeking through where some of these plants once stood. We hate to break it to you though, but we have some not so good news to report to you:

While you were ridding the road of these plants, an invasion of swamp monsters broke through a part of the wall. They’re everywhere and are making it nearly impossible to get through! If you’ve got activated monster repellent, you’re in luck. We’ve heard that helps defeat them. 

Don’t have any activated monster repellent? You’ll need to look in your Missions and complete both, Monstrous Rumor and Galvanize the Repellent

The battle is on Explorers, and this is your time to shine. Level up by defeating these monsters and you can get a new Monster Battler Badge.

CP Burrows is also in on the action and needs your help and has a new mission for you, Clearing The Road Part 2: Retrieve The Helmet.

Good luck Dizzywood, we’re getting closer to Canal City!



Take Your Critters Everywhere You Go


Don’t you wish your critter could stay by your side each time you travel to another place in Dizzywood?

Now they will! You no longer have to worry about them going back into your backpack after you’ve traveled. Just click on the two critters that you’d like to have out, and they’ll follow you anywhere. Now they’ll really be your companions as you uncover new places in Dizzywood.

Critters are your very own virtual pet that love to mingle with others. Ask your buddies to bring their critters out too, and together you can take a trip through the Known Lands. 

If you sign out, don’t worry. The next time you log into Dizzywood, they’ll be right by your side, where you left them! 


Canal City Road Opens


It’s time to get to work! Canal City Road is no longer closed, so grab your buddies, gear up, hold your breath and do your best to rid the road of the toxic plants infesting it. Everywhere you look, the plants are spewing purple pollen and dangerous fumes, so make sure you stop for a breather every now and then. 

It’s better to go in as a team so you don’t lose each other. If one of you gets the purple pollen on you…you’ll have to find a way to rid yourself of it before it’s stuck on you forever.

These plants won’t go away easily, so make sure you look in your Missions tab forClearing The Road Part 1: Ruin The Roots to get started. Good luck as you embark on the first phase of clearing the road. Remember, we can’t begin to rebuild the road until it’s cleared from these plants, monsters, and any other obstacle standing in our way. 

Did we just say monsters? Yes, but judging by the way you’re all coming together to defeat these plants already, monsters won’t even have a chance. Or will they?

Here’s a team of Explorers that were seen in Canal City Road, bearing the fumes and all. They’re ready for action, and we know you are too. So let’s go Dizzywood, we must clear the road if we ever want to get to Canal City!




New Clothing Has Arrived!


A new shipment of clothing has just landed right in time for Valentine’s Day! Go to the Clothing Shop in Presto’s Edge to browse what’s new. The store now features fabulous new headbands that look great with any outfit. Head over there now, while the items are still hot!


Work On Canal City Road Begins This Week!


Are you ready to begin clearing Canal City Road? It’s been infested with overgrown shrubs, toxic plants have spawned in large numbers, and swamp monsters have piled large rocks closing off any way into the city. With the help of Chanjo rebuilding the excavator, we’re now able to get through a small portion of the way. So if you’re ready, it’s time that we work together to take back Canal City Road!

Chief Poobah, Kat de Claw has just announced that the road will open this week! A little warning to all Explorers ready to go on this adventure:

“It’s not going to be easy. The toxic plants that now create an obstacle for us, have prevented Dizzywood Explorers from reaching Canal City for as long as anyone can remember. They seem to have spawned in large part because of the hideous monsters that have been working under the evil and notorious Emperor Withering.He seems to have some very secret reasons for wanting to keep Canal City isolated from the rest of Dizzywood, but that can’t stop us now!”

To do your part in clearing Canal City Road, be on the lookout for this weekend’s new mission, Road Clearing Part 1: Ruin the Roots. We’re so close to Canal City everyone, but we must remember to be careful as we approach these toxic plants. They’ve been known to spew globs of purple gunk that’s nearly impossible to wash off!


Chief Poobah Reports On The Road To Canal City

by KAT DE CLAW on FEBRUARY 6, 2009

Please look away if you’re squeamish to monsters or can’t handle stomach-churning images. Luckily, I was able to snap this picture from behind an overgrown shrub before this monster was able to catch up to me. But just look at it! I wanted to show you what we’re up against once we begin work on the road to Canal City. Don’t get me wrong, I would never put any of you in danger, but I’m going to need your help.  
I’ve been scouting these dark areas of Wildwood Forest with fellow Dizzywood inhabitants and we think we’ve found the road that will take us through. It looks like we’re almost ready to begin work. You’ve got your construction hats on, right? And safety glasses? 

You don’t? Oh my, if you don’t have either of these, there is absolutely no way that you’ll be able to begin working on the road. I won’t have that, it’s much too dangerous!

My job as Dizzywood Chief Poobah requires me to watch over all of the Known Lands and keep it clear of any harm that can be brought on by Emperor Withering or anyone else. And these monsters, infesting our way into Canal City are no exception! How else are we supposed to get past these swamp monsters if we don’t work together? We’re making such great progress, and we’re so close…we just need the proper tools and machinery to get us through. Our hats just aren’t enough!

I’m going to ask my dear friend Chanjo if he can lend a hand and help us build something that will help us get through this road. In the meantime, encourage others to rally with us in the efforts to get to Canal City. This is going to take all the Dizzy power we can get!

Dizzywood Chief Poobah,
Kat de Claw


New Backpack Icons


With the recent release of Silver Explorers we’re sure that you may have noticed some new icons next to some of your backpack items.

If you see a gold key next to any of your items that means that you have a Gold Explorer only item. After you’ve upgraded your account to gold, you’ll see this key next to special new clothing items, powers, and more! As a Gold Explorer, you’re able to:

  • Get Access To Special Missions & Rewards
  • Privately Message Your Buddies
  • Customize Your Name & Chat Bubble
  • Customize Your Multi-Room Mansion
  • Get All Silver level benefits!

We now have Silver Explorers! And just like Gold Explorers, there is also a special key to distinguish any item that you can unlock if you’re a Silver Explorer. As a Silver Explorer you’re able to:

  • Buy Furniture For Your Home
  • Stylize Your Explorer With New Clothing
  • Get Access To Creative Home Templates
  • Unlock Special Powers
  • Grow Unique Plants & Place Them Anywhere
  • Get Multiple Skateboards

A smiley face next to any of your items means that you collected that item before February. Anything you got in Dizzywood before February is yours to keep, as a special thank you for being a Beta player! These smiley faced items will stay in your backpack forever, and you will always be able to use them anytime you’re in Dizzywood! 

Backpack items that don’t have any of these icons next to them are FREE for everyone!

Some of you are testing our free trial month of Silver Membership. We hope you’re having a great time, and remember that come February 28, 2009, you’ll have the opportunity to renew your membership and stay on as a Silver Explorer to continue earning cool new items!

No items will be removed from your backpack, but depending on the level of your membership, you may not be able to use them. Items and features that you’re not able to use will appear grey in your backpack, so when you decide you want to renew or upgrade your membership, those items will be ready for you to use again!

You can get more information on Explorer Memberships or compare plans to see what’s best for you!

Now that we know what these icons mean, let’s all make sure we’re ready to start work on clearing and rebuilding the road to Canal City!


A New Shopping Experience


Want to go shopping with your friends? Try on clothes to see how it looks before buying it? Walk around and chat with your friends over what cool new clothes to get? 

There’s a new place to visit in Dizzywood and it’s extra fun to bring your friends along! Shop at the new Clothing Booth in Presto’s Edge for a whole new fashion experience. 

You can now browse the racks with your buddies to see what’s new in Dizzywood, and try on clothes to see if it’s something you want to buy! Give advice to your friends as you watch them try on the latest fashions in cool glasses, hats, shirts, skirts, pants and more! Make sure you get these items while they’re hot. And keep an eye out for special deals and sales coming soon!

Gold Explorers: Don’t forget to go through the gold door in the Clothing Booth and see what new exclusive, gold only items just came out!


A Fun Adventure Awaits


Hello Explorers

This morning you may have noticed that we had some glitches with some new things we’re doing. No worries, though, because Chanjo and our team of engineers are working on fixing the problems.

We just announced that Silver Explorer memberships are here and we’re giving everyone who joined Dizzywood before February 1, 2009 a free month to be a Silver Explorer.

We are busy getting all those free memberships to everyone (there are over aMILLION to hand out!) So please don’t worry if you haven’t got yours just yet. It’s on the way!

Very soon, it will be time to open the road to Canal City. But there’s a lot of things that we need to do before we can reach it, like stopping the monsters who are on the road. We’ll need help chasing them away and repairing the road, and Gold and Silver Explorers are the first to get to help! So in the meantime, collect as much monster repellent as possible from the new missions, Monstrous Rumor and Galvanize the Repellent.

Get ready for a fun new adventure. Canal City awaits!


Pathfinders At Work


Chief Pathfinder Burrows is calling his team of Dizzywood Pathfinders to action! Work on the road to Canal City will begin soon and Pathfinders are helping Explorers gear up in preparation. Construction helmets are being passed around by Pathfinders everywhere, so keep an eye out for our helpful friends. They’ve been given special instructions from CP Burrows to deliver helmets to as many Explorers as possible. The work that’s going to be needed to rebuild and clear this road is going to take all of us, so make sure you find a Pathfinder to help you get your construction helmet!

Want to become a part of the Dizzywood Pathfinder team? CP Burrows is always looking to expand his team, and with so many new and exciting things happening in Dizzywood, now is the perfect time to pay him a visit in the Crystal Catacombs. As a Pathfinder you’ll get the inside scoop on everything Dizzy, secret codes to unlock top secret blog posts & more! Find out how to become a Pathfinderfrom CP Burrows himself. 

Tip: Look for crates with the official Pathfinder seal (pictured above) and click on them to get your construction hat. 





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