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October 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Well the last date for the party obviously didn’t work so I’m going to change it to next Friday. Same time, place, everything, just on Friday. If you dunno what party I’m talking about, click here.

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October 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi guys. So, in honor of Halloween, I [Vinathi] am throwing a partay! Why? Maybe it’s the fact that I am a loner now on Dizzywood and I strut around with absolutely no life on Dizzywood and try to friend request random people. I didn’t know what I’d do without you guys, but this definitely is not working for me. People keep calling me a “hacker”.. Anyways I really miss you guys. I don’t even celebrate Halloween, but a party seems appropriate. Bring your costume.

Events consist of fashion show and scary story time :)))

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Ok, so my brother had to do a language arts project on satire. He chose to make a video. He did all the sound effects, animation, and drawings. 1000% his. He wrote the script and the plot line. The only thing he didn’t do was the girl, because well… he’s a guy! So I did the voice acting for the girl with the orange hair. I promised my brother more views and comments by the end of the week, so help me out! Watch, rate, and comment!

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Vinathi here! Lights….. Camera… ACTION!!

Hi! I just wanted to say that nitprin added me. So yea 😉

I made this bob thing…… kka has seen it…….. and gamepro……. There’ll be more in the series. This is the first one I’ve made (shrugs) I was just bOrEd!!

Later on I’ll introduce Mercury and Kiwi.

create animated gif
It’s an animation. I made it. It’s only the first of the series. I hope it’s not too fast! There is a typo (i think). Anyways, have fun watching it! (I guess) Want some popcorn?

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