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What the..

Is it just me or are all the servers different??

O_O  Groggy? Giddy?? What the he**?!? And they moved around the servers? WHAT KINDA WORLD DO WE LIVE IN!?!??! And sorry i said the H word…

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Eggs (Pastel Stripe Charm)



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Hey you there ^_^

Hello ^-^ I’m a new worker here. =) This is my first post… even tho i don’t really know nitprin… he seams funny and nice ^-^ someday maybe i would like 2 meat him in dw (dizzywood) and….

<— well umm thats me.. i guess u already figures that out… I dont type normal, i kinda umm type more slang tho idk y… so umm yea.. end of sentence.. Well that’s kinda about all.. so umm bii [yea 2 i’s for bi bi]

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