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Rock On Dizzywood!

Spring Fling Concert



The stage is set, the speakers are booming with tunes, and the lights are ready to shine on your Dizzywood band. There’s a lot to celebrate as Spring Fling comes to an end, so grab your bandmates, buy costumes, instruments and sets, and get rockin!

Want to show off your band and how much you guys rock? Awesome, because we want to see it! And, that’s why Dizzywood is hosting Spring Fling Video and Photos Contests.

“Be A Star” Video Contest

Submit your video to our Dizzywood Youtube Channel for the chance to be featured as a winning submission on Friday, June 5th.


  1. Check with your parents first and get their help to make a video and upload it to Youtube.
  2. Use your creativity (and Rockstar status) to produce a video in Dizzywood with the theme: “Favorite Place to Rock Out in Dizzywood”.
  3. Upload it to Youtube and include “Dizzywood Spring Fling Concert” somewhere in your video title.
  4. Remember to protect your identity and don’t include real life images or personal information, like your real name, location, or school.
  5. Make sure to use music that isn’t copyrighted. Try out the AudioSwap feature on Youtube.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Wednesday, June 3rd

If you don’t have access to creating and uploading a video to the Dizzywood Youtube Channel, no worries. Just make sure to grab a Contest Camera from the concert banner in Presto’s Edge. You can take photos of your band and enter them into the photo contest.

Battle Of The Bands Photo Contest

Easily submit your band photos by taking a picture with the Contest Camera. Winning submissions will be announced and featured on the Dizzywood Homepage Friday, June 5th.

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