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Dizzywood bake sale.

Dizzywood Bake Sale



Bake Sale starts this Friday, May 22!

Mrs. Whiskercheeks is kind enough to share recipes from some of her favorite baked goods to help out with this year’s sale. With all of your help, Mrs. Whiskercheeks and the rest of the Dizzywood citizens will raise enough coins to help those less fortunate in other parts of Dizzywood.

This Friday, Members will be able to collect a bake sale sign, yummy baked goods, and a special Cupcake Hat to host their very own bake sales!

There is also a special Contest Camera that will be released this Friday that will allow anyone to go around and take pictures of Dizzywood Bake Sales. We want to see who can host the largest bake sale.  So if you think this is you, or you see someone else with a great sale, you’ll want to make sure to snap a photo with the Contest Camera to enter it into the Dizzywood Bake Sale Contest!

Brooke Lodgington would also like us to point out that in celebration of Spring Fling, she will be selling a new assortment of furniture in her Furniture Emporium this Friday.

Happy Spring Fling Dizzywood!

~nitprin (all credit to dizzywood team)

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