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New Map Of Dizzywood

A new map of Dizzywood has just surfaced! Have you seen it?

If you plan on getting anywhere in Dizzywood, you’ll definitely need this handy map with you at all times.

Tip: Assigning it to your hotbar makes it easier and faster to get to!

Have fun exploring The Known Lands of Dizzywood!


they changed the shop in the beach

New Beach Hut Shopping

What is up my friendly explorer buddies? Happy Friday to you! You haven’t heard from me in a while. I know. Sad, but man have I got some news for you.

Maybe it’s all the excitement over Canal City, or the ocean’s breeze hitting my face, but I’ve been feeling like remodeling my Beach Hut. I’ve been working on it and it’s finally done! You can now shop while sinking your toes in the sand. Coolness, right? I know. I know.

I ordered some new towels for you too. So, come dress up in cool threads and have fashion shows along my beach. You’re totally welcome to use my beach, just please pick up after yourself.

Keep checking back my friends. I’ll be ordering more rad clothing and accessories for you.

P.S. I’ve heard rumors that the Clothing Tent in Explorer’s Camp has also been remodeled. Gnarly!


Cecil Sideshuffle

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