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How to get to “Forbidden Castle”!

I made a guide now here it is:

The new Canal City Road area on Dizzywood is a lot of fun but once you defeat the toxic plants for the Ruin the Roots mission, what do you do? There’s a huge wall of rocks blocking the road and C.P. Burrows says you can’t cross it yet. Unless you know the cheat!

Here’s how you can fly right over the rock wall and see some really cool secret stuff on the other side! Make sure you have the levitation power and have that power as one of the hot keys in your hot key bar. That’s the row of buttons right above your chat bar. Now go really close to the rocks and zoom the camera as far back as you can.

Here is the cheat part. Hold down the hot key for levitation and just keep clicking on the grass on the other side of the rocks. You will need to be really patient because it can take a while but soon you will land on the other side. Sometimes you almost make it but bounce back. Don’t give up, Once you get over the rocks keep walking to the right and you will see a castle with a huge wooden door and some guy guarding it with a gun. He doesn’t do anything if you click on him and if you try to click on the door it says you cannot venture any further.

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