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Jumper is one of the mini-games that you can play in Dizzywood. Unlike many of the other mini-games, you do not get levels or badges in Jumper. It usually is only played as part of a mission or to travel from place to place. It is a lot like a standard platform jumping game where you move from one side to the other and try to collect certain items and avoid obstacles. You can run and jump in the game and moving from platform to platform is the key to solving each level.

Basic Jumper Moves

In Jumper you use the left and right arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump up. You can also hold the shift key down while running or jumping to move faster. This can be really helpful for very long jumps.

Jumper for the Tree House

You need to play the Jumper game when traveling to or from Spy Bear’s Secret Treehouse. In this game, you are moving among the tree branches and need to avoid falling out of the trees or touching the red bee hives. Along the way you need to pick up as many honeycomb as you can. There is only one level to this version of Jumper and you can play it in both directions. If you touch a bee hive or fall out of the trees you have to start over. If you reach the middle checkpoint then you only have to start over from that spot.Jumper for the Onakasi Treasure Room

Jumper is one of two games you have to play when trying to sneak inside theOnakasi Treasure Room in Tanglevine Jungle. This version of the game is really easy. There are five jade keys that you need to collect. Get them all and then the stone door will open. It’s easiest to go to the left first and get the two keys there and then go back to the right where you’ll find the other three and the exit. To play this game you first need to find the secret staircase inside one of the jaguar statues in Tanglevine Jungle.


When you finish this game of Jumper, you’ll then have to play a game of Blocks to get inside the treasure room. Once you finish that you can go inside the treasure room and pick one free item from the Onakasi stone coffers. You can do this once per day.

Jumper in the Elder Vein Mines

Another version of Jumper can be found in the Elder Vein Mines, which you get to from the Crystal Catacombs. The way you travel from mine to mine is by playing Jumper. You start at one end and need to get all the way to the other end while avoiding the lava below. You need to collect all the blue barrels along the way and when you do they will cause an explosion that opens up the passage to the exit. You also want to collect as many balls of blue elixir as you can because you will need them to enter the final room in the Elder Vein Mines. You can also sell extra blue elixir to the cloud sprite in Skytown.

new Backpac items!

With the recent release of Silver Explorers we’re sure that you may have noticed some new icons next to some of your backpack items.

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