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What’s The Story Behind Your Critter?

Written by The Dizzywood Team on January 6, 2009 – 6:01 pm – 


Critters follow you as you explore, they eat when you’ve got sweets, and they frolick with others when given the opportunity. They’re cute and would never harm a thing, but how much do we really know about them?

We want to hear all about your critters, so share their bio with us!

What species are they (Twinklepig, Bunnycorn, etc)?

What name did you give them?

What are their likes, dislikes?

What do you think they like to do when you’re not looking?

What other types of critters do they get along with?

Answer these questions by commenting below and we’ll learn all about your critter! If there’s any other cool stuff you want to share about your favorite critters, we’d love to hear that too. And, don’t forget to vote on your favorite critter in Dizzywood?

Thank you for voting!
Bull Beastie 10% (4 votes)

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Kitty 10% (4 votes)

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Piglet 10% (4 votes)

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Flutterbird 12% (5 votes)

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Battyfox 5% (2 votes)

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Double Snake 7% (3 votes)

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Bunnycorn 17% (7 votes)

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Floating Fish 7% (3 votes)

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Lizard 2% (1 votes)

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Twinklepig 21% (9 votes)

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  1. January 7, 2009 at 5:01 am

    heheheh muauahahaha

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